Pushbullet alert

Enable Pushbullet alerts

To enable Pushbullet alerts you need to generate an Access Token.

Access Tokens are available from Pushbullet setting found here.

Once you have created a token insert it in to you LinuxGSM config.

# Pushbullet Alerts | https://github.com/GameServerManagers/LinuxGSM/wiki/Pushbullet

Enable Channels

Alerts can also be sent to Pushbullet channels. Channels are push notification feeds that can be subscribed to. Anything you push to a channel will instantly go to all of the channel's subscribers. Only the owner of a channel can push to it.

Visit here to generate a channel.

Once you have created the channel set the channeltag in the script without using hash #.


Send Test Alert

Finally test that everything correctly works by sending a test alert.

./gameserver test-alert