LinuxGSM uses tmux to run servers in the background so the server instance is not terminated when you close a terminal session.

LinuxGSM requires tmux => 1.6

Tmux is a key component of LinuxGSM and replaced screen which was used on earlier versions. tmux has a few improvements over screen; mainly being better at handling standard Linux users, this was a major issue when developing with screen. tmux allows LinuxGSM to call up a game server running in the background so you can see what it is doing; this feature is available with console feature.


Some server admins have attempted to run LinuxGSM within a tmux or screen session. As LinuxGSM calls tmux it is not possible to run LinuxGSM within a tmux or screen session.

Known Issues

Tmux 1.8

tmux 1.8 has an issue that prevents console logging from working. This is because the pipe-pane feature is broken in tmux 1.8 causing it not to output the console to the console log files. The only solution is to use another version of tmux.

tmux 1.8 is installed on CentOS 7 by default see guide below to installed a newer version

create session failed: Operation not permitted

This issue normally occuires with CentOS and is caused by the standard user not having permissions to user /dev/ptmx.

create session failed: ./srcds_linux -game csgo: Operation not permitted

To fix this the user needs to be part of the tty group.

usermod -G tty csgoserver

To confirm the user has been added check /etc/group.

grep tty /etc/group

Upgrade tmux CentOS 7 using Ghettoforge

If the default version of tmux (1.8) installed on CentOS 7 it will fail to log the console output. To fix this it is possible to upgrade to a newer version of tmux using the Ghettoforge repository.

Install Ghettoforge with the following command.

yum install

Install tmux using the Ghettoforge repo.

yum --enablerepo=gf-plus install tmux

Once installed restart the server to complete the upgrade.


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