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Valheim Servers require Passwords

Valheim servers require a server password to start a server. This means it is not possible to connect to a Valheim server unless you know the password.

Direct connect to a Valheim Server

The Valheim in-game browser can be slow, as a workaround you can directly connect to a server in-game through the Join Game tab by pressing the Join IP button, or by adding a server to your Steam server browser favorites. To access the Steam server list, at the top left of the Steam library window go View > Game Servers > Favorites, and click the blue + button. Use ./vhserver details to list the current query port. The default port is 2457.

Long Server Names

Valheim has been previously known to have problems with long server names and special characters, if you are having trouble connecting to a server try making its name shorter or remove special characters.

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