Information for Valheim Servers

Due to the large influx of new LGSM users specifically setting up Valheim servers, here are areas to get started after installing a server.

LinuxGSM Config Page

Shows where to apply settings for a server using LGSM config files.

LinuxGSM Cronjobs

Cronjobs can be used to schedule server updates+restarts.

Valheim Tips:

Joining a Valheim Server Without Ingame Browser

Valheim's in-game browser only shows 4920 servers at a time, as a workaround direct connect by adding a server to your steam server favorites. The port to use is the query port, which is 2457 by default. ./vhserver details will list the current query port. To access the steam server list, at the top left of the steam library window go View->Servers, and in the new window press "Add A Server".

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