Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Game Modes Reference List

# [Game Modes] gametype gamemode mapgroup (you can mix these across all Game Modes except Danger Zone, but use only one)
# Arms Race 1 0 mg_armsrace
# Classic Casual 0 0 mg_casualsigma, mg_casualdelta
# Classic Competitive 0 1 mg_active, mg_reserves, mg_hostage, mg_de_dust2
# Custom 3 0
# Deathmatch 1 2 mg_deathmatch
# Demolition 1 1 mg_demolition
# Wingman 0 2
# Danger Zone 6 0 mg_dz_blacksite (map: dz_blacksite), mg_dz_sirocco (map: dz_sirocco)

If players are respawning in random locations on custom maps, set mp_randomspawn to 0.

If players are being banned for dying too much, such as on minigames maps, as a workaround set mp_autokick to 0. Warning, this disables AFK and Teamkilling kicks as well.

Server Guides

Install Sourcemod on CS:GO Server

Setting for a 128 Tick Server

Add to the following to the config lgsm/config-lgsm/csgoserver/csgoserver.cfg :


AS well it is needed to add a few options to the game config (default in: serverfiles/csgo/cfg/csgoserver.cfg )

sv_mincmdrate 128
sv_minupdaterate 128

This will as well force the client to use the 128 tickrate