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Sourcemod and Metamod:Source

Sourcemod Resources and Known Problems
Sourcemod is a plugin for source games that can add functionality like voting systems, minigames, and server utilities. Sourcemod requires Metamod to run.
LinuxGSM includes a command that is able to install Sourcemod automatically.

Sourcemod Resources

Sourcemod Official Resources
Sourcemod Plugins
Plugins can be downloaded from Alliedmodders website:

General Sourcemod Tips

If players are kicked after joining, make sure Sourcemod does not have any errors and is up to date
Check folder hierarchy in archives before unpacking, each plugin creator organizes their archives differently.
The server may need to be set to sv_pure 0 in some cases.

CS:GO Sourcemod Tips

If the server changes to dust or mirage instead of the chosen map, disable the nextmap plugin.