Log Management

Logs are an important part of monitoring a server as it allows you to know what has been happening. LinuxGSM has a log directory that allows you to track the gameserver, console and LinuxGSM itself.

If your user is gameserver, then LinuxGSM logs are located in the following directory:


This "log" directory contains two other directories:

  • script, logs LinuxGSM script activity

  • console, logs gameserver [console](../commands/console.md) output

  • game, is a redirect to the game server log files if available.


You can alter these settings to change LinuxGSM behavior:

logdays="7" # How long logs are kept
consolelogging="on" # Turning this to off will disable console logging

Note: logdays="0" means logs will be removed if older than 24h.

Log clearing

LinuxGSM clears outdated logs according to logdays variable setting. This will affect script and console logs, as well as common game logs.

Gamelogs management

LinuxGSM also clears logs from common locations to prevent them from using gigabytes of disk space, including:

  • ${systemdir}/logs

  • ${systemdir}/*/logs

  • ${systemdir}/addons/sourcemod/logs

  • ${systemdir}/data/darkrp_logs

  • ${systemdir}/data/ulx_logs

Note: ${systemdir} designates the location of your game server installation

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