Insurgency: SandStorm

Custom Mods and Maps

Custom Mods and Maps are supported in Insurgency: Sandstorm via Please use this basic guide to get started using custom mods more in-depth information can be found at Server Admin Guide

This guide will show you how to install the custom map TORO as an example

Get an Auth Token

To get started you will need a account, once you have signed in, click your username as the top right, and click API Access from the left navigation.

Under OAuth 2 Management > Generate Access Token, enter a name to give your token and give it read access and click Create Token.

Once the token is generated you will need to copy it to your game servers Engine.ini. Paste the following into Engine.ini and replace TOKEN HERE with your access token.

AccessToken=TOKEN HERE

Add a Mod/Map

Add the -Mods parameter to your game server start parameters.

Next you will need to specify which mods you want to add to your game server.

Create the Mods.txt file located Insurgency/Config/Server/Mods.txt

mkdir -p Insurgency/Config/Server
touch Insurgency/Config/Server/Mods.txt

You can also specify your ownMods.txt file using ModList=MyCustomModList.txt or adding the mod id's to your start parameters using -CmdModList="mod1,mod2,mod3"

In the txt file you will need to specify each mod ID line by line. The mod ID can be found on the mods details page at Once restarted the mod will be available to use.

To use this custom map you will need to add it to your mapcycle and if required, your default map

Create MapCyle.txtand add the custom map to your mapcycle.

touch Insurgency/Config/Server/MapCyle.txt

If you want the custom map to be the default edit your start parameters


Once the server is restarted the custom map should be available on your game server.


Official Server Admin Guide

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