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Auto Refresh

Autorefresh can lag the server when certain Lua files are edited. This happens when the refreshing cascades. This can be unwanted behavior when editing the scripts of a large project on a live server.

To disable autorefresh, add -disableluarefresh to parms.


Loading Screen

Loading screens are added by defining a website with sv_loadingurl, which is in gmodserver.cfg by default. This file overrides other files.

Links should not have http:// or an ending/ .

sv_loadingurl ""


Gamemode is changed by editing start parameters in the LinuxGSM config file.

TTT     gamemode="terrortown"
Sandbox gamemode="sandbox"

Other game modes like Zombie Survival can be found on the steam workshop.



Garry's Mod does not require an API/Auth Key anymore.

For Garry's Mod, add the collection ID in LinuxGSM config using wscollectionid setting. This will download the collection when the server starts.


Mounting Game Content

Some Garry's Mod addons like TTT use content from other games. To do this the content will need to be "mounted".

All source engine games should be mountable.

This guide is for installing another game server with LinuxGSM and using that content, copying that game's files, and mounting the game to Garry's Mod. This guide is for CS:S but should work for any other game.

There are multiple ways to potentially mount content. The below example is just one example

First install a Counter-Strike: Source server, if you already have a server installed this step can be skipped. If the server will be deleted after copying files.

Install CS:S Server with LinuxGSM

Copy the cstrike the directory from the Counter-Strike: Source to the Gmod folder.

cp -R /home/cssserver/serverfiles/cstrike /home/gmodserver/serverfiles/cstrike

Ensure that the copied files are owned by the gmodserver user.

chown -R gmodserver /home/gmodserver

Open mount.cfg file.

nano /home/gmodserver/serverfiles/garrysmod/cfg/mount.cfg

Add game to mount.cfg

         "cstrike"      "/home/gmoduser/serverfiles/cstrike"

Restart the server. Check if the mount was successful by changing the level to a mounted map with console or rcon.

changelevel cs_italy

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