Killing Floor 2


  • Game Port Default: 7777 UDP Handled by: LinuxServer-KFEngine.ini

  • Query Port Default: 27015 UDP Handled automatically or handled by parameters. The formula for finding query port assigned automatically is 19238 + assigned game port.

  • Web Admin Default: 8080 TCP Handled by: KFWeb.ini

  • Steam Port Default: 20560 UDP Handled automatically. The formula for finding the steam port is 12783 + Game Port.


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Server Config Information

LinuxGSM installations contain configSubDir=servername in the command line by default, which creates a folder for config files named after the server. The default directory is /home/user/serverfiles/KFGame/Config/kf2server . Use these files to change server settings.


Players on the Epic Store will not be able to download files hosted with the Steam Workshop.

Workshop content is added in LinuxServer-KFEngine.ini in the OnlineSubsystemSteamworks.KFWorkshopSteamworks section

Ensure the game server is stopped before editing the file to prevent it being overwritten.


This will only work for Workshop items that the server downloads itself, that are listed in the [OnlineSubsystemSteamworks.KFWorkshopSteamworks] section as described above.

  1. Make sure that the server is not running. If it is running, the Workshop setup will be overridden the next time you restart the server.

  2. Find the section [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] in the PCServerEngine.ini config file.

  3. Add the line "DownloadManagers=OnlineSubsystemSteamworks.SteamWorkshopDownload" to that section. If there are other "DownloadManagers=" lines, make sure this one is the first.

  4. Do not delete anything from this section, except (optionally) other DownloadManagers= lines.

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