Killing Floor 2


    Game Port Default: 7777 UDP Handled by: LinuxServer-KFEngine.ini
    Query Port Default: 27015 UDP Handled automatically or handled by parameters. Formula for finding query port assigned automatically is 19238 + assigned game port.
    Web Admin Default: 8080 TCP Handled by: KFWeb.ini
    Steam Port Default: 20560 UDP Handled automatically. Formula for finding steam port is 12783 + assigned game port.


Server Config Information

Default LinuxGSM installs have configSubDir=servername set in the command line which will set your priority config files to be in /home/user/serverfiles/KFGame/Config/kf2server directory, use these files to change settings on your server.

Workshop Content

Killing Floor 2 supports Steam Workshop.

High disk IO using Steam Workshop

Killing Floor 2 will check workshop files at server start and when map changes occur.
There is a potential problem with Killing Floor 2 servers using the steam workshop that causes server disk usage to read/write at 100% and could damage hardware.
To avoid this problem keep the amount of workshop content as low as possible.
Disk IO can be monitored with the ioptop command.
Last modified 5mo ago