Multi Theft Auto

Server Information

An MTA server comes in two parts. MTA itself and then the resources you install. There is the option to install the default MTA resources to your server within LinuxGSM on install or using the ./mtaserver install-default-resources option. There are many resources available so it is recommended that you take a look at the MTA community resources page Community


Resources are a key part of Multi Theft Auto. A resource is essentially a directory that contains a collection of files - including essential script and content files, plus a meta file that describes how the resource should be loaded - and runs on a Multi Theft Auto dedicated server.

A resource can be seen as being partly equivalent to a program running in an operating system - it can be started and stopped, and multiple resources can run at once. Its worth remember though, that unlike programs on an operating system, there is no multi-tasking between resources. Resources generally contain content and Lua scripts for game modes, user interfaces and other tasks affecting the players that are connected to the dedicated server on which the resources are running.

For a collection of user created resources, head over to our Community web page which serves as a place for hosting our community's resources.

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