SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is the transfer protocol to view and transfer files over SSH. SFTP works the same as FTP but is encrypted.

SFTP Advantages

    Nothing extra to install (such as FTP server)
    Works like any other FTP server
    Compatible with the popular clients such as Filezilla and WinSCP
    You can login to any SSH accessable Linux user.

How to use SFTP

    Connect like any FTP except it uses the port (default 22)
    Use your linux username / password
    You might need to set protocol to SFTP in your FTP client.

Bad practice to avoid

By all means, you should never

    Connect to a server as root.
    Use FTP if SFTP is available.

Root login to an FTP

Here is why you shouldn't
    By logging in as root, you might accidentally remove essential system files or put useless files into the wrong place and mess up with your system.
    But even more annoying, any file you'll write will belong to root, and the user won't be able to either read, change, or execute writtent files as root.
    FTP is an unencrypted protocol, therefore it is very unsecure to edit sensitive files using it.
How to operate without root FTP login ?
    If you need to edit system config files, then do like everyone else : use an SSH text editor like "nano" or "vi".
    Set your FTP so that you can login as users with a valid shell from the machine. Eventually, disable root FTP login.
    Oh, one more thing... Did we talk about SFTP ?
Last modified 3yr ago