Start Parameters

Servers commonly require start parameters, these are command-line options that are set with the servers executable when you start the server. Parameters being used by the game server can be found in ./gameserver details. To alter them, you will need to edit LinuxGSM config files.

LinuxGSM prefers to use config files over parameters as much as possible. However sometimes this is not possible, win which case only parameters or a mixture of both config and parameters will be used. LinuxGSM also attempts to keep the same method between game servers of the same engine to allow consistency between game servers.

Predefined Start Parameters

LinuxGSM often comes with predefined parameters that can be edited. This makes adjusting common settings a easier and allow them to be displayed in ./gameserver details.

## Server Start Settings

Additional Parameters

Additional command-line parameters can be added to the parms variable. Anything added will be appended to the server executable binary.

Basic Example

Parms variable


parms="-game nmrih"

./srcds_run -game nmrih

Full Example

## Server Start Parameters |
parms="-game nmrih -strictportbind -ip -port 27015 +clientport 27017 +tv_port 27016 +map nmo_broadway +servercfgfile nmrih-server-1.cfg -maxplayers 8"

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