System requirements

  • RAM: 4GB-12GB, Increases depending upon map size
  • CPU: Dual core 3.4GHz
  • Bandwidth: 10mbps upload

General Information


Server RCON administration tool

Online Rcon tool by Facepunch


A server wipe is used to reset a Rust server by deleting certain types of data about the map and players.
A wipe will keep the Rust+ data intact.

Map Wipe

A map wipe will remove all the player-made buildings and resources. Resetting the map back to its original state. However, a player's blueprints will be retained.
./rustserver map-wipe

Full Wipe

A full wipe will remove all the player-made buildings, resources and all player's blueprints.
./rustserver full-wipe

Automated Wipe

Using cron it is possible to automate your server wipes. The below example will wipe the server every Sunday night at midnight.
0 0 * * 0 /home/rustserver/rustserver map-wipe > /dev/null 2>&1

Random Seed

If the Rust server is using the Procedural Map and a seed is not set in the config when the wipe commands will set a new random seed.

Install Oxide

Oxide is an API allowing you to run mods for your Rust server.
LinuxGSM now handles the install of Oxide for Rust, with mods-install and mods-update commands.
./rustserver mods-install
If a Rust update has been released, then an Oxide update will soon follow. To update Oxide, you can then run:
./rustserver mods-update

Install Oxide addons

To install Oxide addons place them into the serverfiles/oxide/plugins directory. This will cause them to load automatically when starting the server.
If you need to edit any addon configs, they will be located in serverfiles/oxide/config.
To update an addon without restarting the server, you'll need to reload the addon with an RCON command.
oxide.reload PluginName


Send RCON commands:

RCON is the protocol used to send commands to your server. You will need a tool to use it. Here are 3 of them:
To use software like Rusty, you need to alter LinuxGSM config and change rconweb="0". To use Facepunch tool, Rustadmin desktop or Rustadmin Online, you can leave it at default rconweb="1"
Note: Facepunch web tool currently don't accept domain names, you need to enter server IP.

Essential RCON Commands

save ; will save the server state (useful before a stop or restart)
oxide.reload PluginName ; will reload a plugin after updating it
ownerid STEAMID64 "Nickname" "Reason" ; to add an owner
moderatorid STEAMID64 "Nickname" "Reason" ; to add a moderator
server.writecfg ; will save config changes, including new admins
Note: append server.writecfg after adding an admin, and player needs to reconnect the server in order for it to be applied.