System requirements

  • Minimum RAM: 9GB, Increases depending upon map size

  • CPU: Dual-core 3.4GHz

  • Bandwidth: 10mbps upload

General Information


Server RCON administration tool

Online Rcon tool by Facepunch


A server wipe is used to reset a Rust server by deleting certain types of data about the map and players.

A wipe will keep the Rust+ data intact.

Map Wipe

A map wipe will remove all the player-made buildings and resources. Resetting the map back to its original state. However, a player's blueprints will be retained.

./rustserver map-wipe

Full Wipe

A full wipe will remove all the player-made buildings, resources and all player's blueprints.

./rustserver full-wipe

Automated Wipe

Using cron it is possible to automate your server wipes. The below example will wipe the server every Sunday night at midnight.

0 0 * * 0 /home/rustserver/rustserver map-wipe > /dev/null 2>&1

Random Seed

If the Rust server is using the Procedural Map and a seed is not set in the config when the wipe commands will set a new random seed.


Install Oxide

Oxide is an API allowing you to run mods for your Rust server.

LinuxGSM now handles the install of Oxide for Rust, with mods-install and mods-update commands.

./rustserver mods-install

If a Rust update has been released, then an Oxide update will soon follow. To update Oxide, you can then run:

./rustserver mods-update

Install Oxide addons

To install Oxide addons place them into the serverfiles/oxide/plugins directory. This will cause them to load automatically when starting the server.

If you need to edit any addon configs, they will be located in serverfiles/oxide/config.

To update an addon without restarting the server, you'll need to reload the addon with an RCON command.

oxide.reload PluginName


Send RCON commands:

RCON is the protocol used to send commands to your server. You will need a tool to use it. Here are 3 of them:

To use software like Rusty, you need to alter LinuxGSM config and change rconweb="0". To use Facepunch tool, Rustadmin desktop or Rustadmin Online, you can leave it at default rconweb="1"

Note: Facepunch web tool currently don't accept domain names, you need to enter server IP.

Essential RCON Commands

save ; will save the server state (useful before a stop or restart)
oxide.reload PluginName ; will reload a plugin after updating it
ownerid STEAMID64 "Nickname" "Reason" ; to add an owner
moderatorid STEAMID64 "Nickname" "Reason" ; to add a moderator
server.writecfg ; will save config changes, including new admins

Note: append server.writecfg after adding an admin, and player needs to reconnect the server in order for it to be applied.

Rust Settings

Below is a complete list of all Rust server settings.

A complete list can be gathered by typing find . into Rust Rcon

Last updated: 19/11/23


aibrainsenses.humanknownplayerslosupdateinterval  (0.2)
aibrainsenses.knownplayerslosupdateinterval  (0.5)
aibrainsenses.updateinterval  (0.5)
aithinkmanager.animalframebudgetms  (2.5)
aithinkmanager.framebudgetms  (2.5)
aithinkmanager.petframebudgetms  (1)
autoturret.auto_turret_budget_ms How many milliseconds to spend on target scanning per frame (0.5)
baseboat.do_shore_drift   (True)
baseboat.drift_speed      (1)
baseboat.generate_paths   (True)
basefirework.maxactivefireworks  (25)
basefishingrod.forcefail  (False)
basefishingrod.forcesuccess  (False)
basefishingrod.immediatehook  (False)
basemission.missionsenabled  (True)
basenavigator.basenavmovementframeinterval How many frames between base navigation movement updates (2)
basenavigator.maxstepupdistance The max step-up height difference for pet base navigation (1.7)
basenavigator.navtypedistance  (1)
basenavigator.navtypeheightoffset  (0.5)
basenavigator.stucktriggerduration How long we are not moving for before trigger the stuck event (10)
basepet.movementupdatebudgetms  (1)
basepet.onlyqueuebasenavmovements  (True)
basepet.queuedmovementsallowed  (True)
baseplayer.lifestoryframebudgetms  (0.25)
baseridableanimal.decayminutes How long before a horse dies unattended (180)
baseridableanimal.dungtimescale  (1)
baseridableanimal.framebudgetms  (1)
basesubmarine.deepwaterdecayminutes How long before a submarine loses all its health while in deep water (120)
basesubmarine.outsidedecayminutes How long before a submarine loses all its health while outside. If it's in deep water, deepwaterdecayminutes is used (180)
basesubmarine.oxygenminutes How long a submarine can stay underwater until players start taking damage from low oxygen (10)
bear.population          Population active on the server, per square km (2)
bigwheelgame.spinfrequencyseconds  (45)
blackjackmachine.maxbet  Maximum initial bet per round (500)
boar.population          Population active on the server, per square km (5)
boombox.backtracklength   (30)
boombox.serverurllist    A list of radio stations that are valid on this server. Format: NAME,URL,NAME,URL,etc ()
cargoship.egress_duration_minutes  (10)
cargoship.event_duration_minutes  (50)
cargoship.event_enabled   (True)
cargoship.loot_round_spacing_minutes  (10)
cargoship.loot_rounds     (3)
cassette.maxcassettefilesizemb  (5)
chicken.population       Population active on the server, per square km (3)
cinematicentity.hideobjects Hides cinematic light source meshes (keeps lights visible) (False)
clothlod.clothloddist    distance cloth will simulate until (20)
codelock.lockoutcooldown  (900)
codelock.maxfailedattempts  (8)
camerarenderer.completionframebudgetms  (5)
camerarenderer.enabled    (True)
camerarenderer.entitymaxage  (5)
camerarenderer.entitymaxdistance  (100)
camerarenderer.farplane   (250)
camerarenderer.height     (90)
camerarenderer.layermask  (1218656529)
camerarenderer.maxraysperframe  (100000)
camerarenderer.maxrendersperframe  (25)
camerarenderer.nearplane  (0)
camerarenderer.playermaxdistance  (30)
camerarenderer.playernamemaxdistance  (10)
camerarenderer.renderinterval  (0.05)
camerarenderer.samplesperrender  (3000)
camerarenderer.verticalfov  (65)
camerarenderer.width      (160)
global.allowadminui      Controls whether the in-game admin UI is displayed to admins (True)
ai.accuratevisiondistance  (True)
ai.allowdesigning         (True)
ai.animal_ignore_food    If animal_ignore_food is true, animals will not sense food sources or interact with them (server optimization). (default: true) (True)
ai.frametime              (5)
ai.groups                 (True)
ai.ignoreplayers          (False)
ai.move                   (True)
ai.nav_carve_height      The height of the carve volume. (default: 2) (2)
ai.nav_carve_min_base_size The minimum size we allow a carving volume to be. (default: 2) (2)
ai.nav_carve_min_building_blocks_to_apply_optimization The minimum number of building blocks a building needs to consist of for this optimization to be applied. (default: 25) (25)
ai.nav_carve_size_multiplier The size multiplier applied to the size of the carve volume. The smaller the value, the tighter the skirt around foundation edges, but too small and animals can attack through walls. (default: 4) (4)
ai.nav_carve_use_building_optimization If nav_carve_use_building_optimization is true, we attempt to reduce the amount of navmesh carves for a building. (default: false) (False)
ai.navthink               (True)
ai.npc_alertness_drain_rate npc_alertness_drain_rate define the rate at which we drain the alertness level of an NPC when there are no enemies in sight. (Default: 0.01) (0.01)
ai.npc_alertness_to_aim_modifier This is multiplied with the current alertness (0-10) to decide how long it will take for the NPC to deliberately miss again. (default: 0.33) (0.5)
ai.npc_alertness_zero_detection_mod npc_alertness_zero_detection_mod define the threshold of visibility required to detect an enemy when alertness is zero. (Default: 0.5) (0.5)
ai.npc_cover_compromised_cooldown npc_cover_compromised_cooldown defines how long a cover point is marked as compromised before it's cleared again for selection. (default: 10) (10)
ai.npc_cover_info_tick_rate_multiplier The rate at which we gather information about available cover points. Minimum value is 1, as it multiplies with the tick-rate of the fixed AI tick rate of 0.1 (Default: 20) (20)
ai.npc_cover_path_vs_straight_dist_max_diff npc_cover_path_vs_straight_dist_max_diff defines what the maximum difference between straight-line distance and path distance can be when evaluating cover points. (default: 2) (2)
ai.npc_cover_use_path_distance If npc_cover_use_path_distance is set to true then npcs will look at the distance between the cover point and their target using the path between the two, rather than the straight-line distance. (True)
ai.npc_deliberate_hit_randomizer The percentage away from a maximum miss the randomizer is allowed to travel when shooting to deliberately hit the target (we don't want perfect hits with every shot). (default: 0.85f) (0.85)
ai.npc_deliberate_miss_offset_multiplier The offset with which the NPC will maximum miss the target. (default: 1.25) (1.25)
ai.npc_deliberate_miss_to_hit_alignment_time The time it takes for the NPC to deliberately miss to the time the NPC tries to hit its target. (default: 1.5) (1.5)
ai.npc_door_trigger_size npc_door_trigger_size defines the size of the trigger box on doors that opens the door as npcs walk close to it (default: 1.5) (1.5)
ai.npc_enable            If npc_enable is set to false then npcs won't spawn. (default: true) (True)
ai.npc_families_no_hurt  If npc_families_no_hurt is true, npcs of the same family won't be able to hurt each other. (default: true) (True)
ai.npc_gun_noise_silencer_modifier The modifier by which a silencer reduce the noise that a gun makes when shot. (Default: 0.15) (0.15)
ai.npc_htn_player_base_damage_modifier Baseline damage modifier for the new HTN Player NPCs to nerf their damage compared to the old NPCs. (default: 1.15f) (1.15)
ai.npc_htn_player_frustration_threshold npc_htn_player_frustration_threshold defines where the frustration threshold for NPCs go, where they have the opportunity to change to a more aggressive tactic. (default: 3) (3)
ai.npc_ignore_chairs     If npc_ignore_chairs is true, npcs won't care about seeking out and sitting in chairs. (default: true) (True)
ai.npc_junkpile_a_spawn_chance npc_junkpile_a_spawn_chance define the chance for scientists to spawn at junkpile a. (Default: 0.1) (0.1)
ai.npc_junkpile_dist_aggro_gate npc_junkpile_dist_aggro_gate define at what range (or closer) a junkpile scientist will get aggressive. (Default: 8) (8)
ai.npc_junkpile_g_spawn_chance npc_junkpile_g_spawn_chance define the chance for scientists to spawn at junkpile g. (Default: 0.1) (0.1)
ai.npc_junkpilespawn_chance defines the chance for scientists to spawn at NPC junkpiles. (Default: 0.1) (0.07)
ai.npc_max_junkpile_count npc_max_junkpile_count define how many npcs can spawn into the world at junkpiles at the same time (does not include monuments) (Default: 30) (30)
ai.npc_max_population_military_tunnels npc_max_population_military_tunnels defines the size of the npc population at military tunnels. (default: 3) (3)
ai.npc_max_roam_multiplier This is multiplied with the max roam range stat of an NPC to determine how far from its spawn point the NPC is allowed to roam. (default: 3) (3)
ai.npc_only_hurt_active_target_in_safezone If npc_only_hurt_active_target_in_safezone is true, npcs won't any player other than their actively targeted player when in a safe zone. (default: true) (True)
ai.npc_patrol_point_cooldown npc_patrol_point_cooldown defines the cooldown time on a patrol point until it's available again (default: 5) (5)
ai.npc_reasoning_system_tick_rate_multiplier The rate at which we tick the reasoning system. Minimum value is 1, as it multiplies with the tick-rate of the fixed AI tick rate of 0.1 (Default: 1) (1)
ai.npc_respawn_delay_max_military_tunnels npc_respawn_delay_max_military_tunnels defines the maximum delay between spawn ticks at military tunnels. (default: 1920) (1920)
ai.npc_respawn_delay_min_military_tunnels npc_respawn_delay_min_military_tunnels defines the minimum delay between spawn ticks at military tunnels. (default: 480) (480)
ai.npc_sensory_system_tick_rate_multiplier The rate at which we tick the sensory system. Minimum value is 1, as it multiplies with the tick-rate of the fixed AI tick rate of 0.1 (Default: 5) (5)
ai.npc_spawn_on_cargo_ship Spawn NPCs on the Cargo Ship. (default: true) (True)
ai.npc_spawn_per_tick_max_military_tunnels npc_spawn_per_tick_max_military_tunnels defines how many can maximum spawn at once at military tunnels. (default: 1) (1)
ai.npc_spawn_per_tick_min_military_tunnels npc_spawn_per_tick_min_military_tunnels defineshow many will minimum spawn at once at military tunnels. (default: 1) (1)
ai.npc_speed_crouch_run  npc_speed_crouch_run define the speed of an npc when in the crouched run state, and should be a number between 0 and 1. (Default: 0.25) (0.25)
ai.npc_speed_crouch_walk npc_speed_walk define the speed of an npc when in the crouched walk state, and should be a number between 0 and 1. (Default: 0.1) (0.1)
ai.npc_speed_run         npc_speed_walk define the speed of an npc when in the run state, and should be a number between 0 and 1. (Default: 0.4) (0.4)
ai.npc_speed_sprint      npc_speed_walk define the speed of an npc when in the sprint state, and should be a number between 0 and 1. (Default: 1.0) (1)
ai.npc_speed_walk        npc_speed_walk define the speed of an npc when in the walk state, and should be a number between 0 and 1. (Default: 0.18) (0.18)
ai.npc_use_new_aim_system If npc_use_new_aim_system is true, npcs will miss on purpose on occasion, where the old system would randomize aim cone. (default: true) (True)
ai.npc_use_thrown_weapons If npc_use_thrown_weapons is true, npcs will throw grenades, etc. This is an experimental feature. (default: true) (True)
ai.npc_valid_aim_cone    npc_valid_aim_cone defines how close their aim needs to be on target in order to fire. (default: 0.8) (0.8)
ai.npc_valid_mounted_aim_cone npc_valid_mounted_aim_cone defines how close their aim needs to be on target in order to fire while mounted. (default: 0.92) (0.92)
ai.npcswimming            (True)
ai.ocean_patrol_path_iterations  (100000)
ai.sensetime              (1)
ai.setdestinationsamplenavmesh  (True)
ai.sleepwake              (True)
ai.spliceupdates          (True)
ai.think                  (True)
ai.tickrate               (5)
ai.usecalculatepath       (True)
ai.usegrid                (True)
ai.usesetdestinationfallback  (True)
antihack.admincheat       (True)
antihack.build_inside_check  (2)
antihack.build_losradius  (0.01)
antihack.build_losradius_sleepingbag  (0.3)
antihack.build_terraincheck  (True)
antihack.build_vehiclecheck  (True)
antihack.debuglevel       (1)
antihack.enforcementlevel  (1)
antihack.eye_clientframes  (2)
antihack.eye_forgiveness  (0.5)
antihack.eye_history_forgiveness  (0.1)
antihack.eye_history_penalty  (100)
antihack.eye_losradius    (0.18)
antihack.eye_noclip_backtracking  (0.01)
antihack.eye_noclip_cutoff  (0.06)
antihack.eye_noclip_margin  (0.21)
antihack.eye_penalty      (0)
antihack.eye_protection   (4)
antihack.eye_serverframes  (2)
antihack.eye_terraincheck  (True)
antihack.eye_vehiclecheck  (True)
antihack.flyhack_extrusion  (2)
antihack.flyhack_forgiveness_horizontal  (1.5)
antihack.flyhack_forgiveness_horizontal_inertia  (10)
antihack.flyhack_forgiveness_vertical  (1.5)
antihack.flyhack_forgiveness_vertical_inertia  (10)
antihack.flyhack_margin   (0.05)
antihack.flyhack_maxsteps  (15)
antihack.flyhack_penalty  (100)
antihack.flyhack_protection  (3)
antihack.flyhack_reject   (False)
antihack.flyhack_stepsize  (0.1)
antihack.forceposition    (True)
antihack.maxdeltatime     (1)
antihack.maxdesync        (1)
antihack.maxviolation     (100)
antihack.melee_backtracking  (0.01)
antihack.melee_clientframes  (2)
antihack.melee_forgiveness  (0.5)
antihack.melee_losforgiveness  (0.2)
antihack.melee_penalty    (0)
antihack.melee_protection  (4)
antihack.melee_serverframes  (2)
antihack.melee_terraincheck  (True)
antihack.melee_vehiclecheck  (True)
antihack.modelstate       (True)
antihack.noclip_backtracking  (0.01)
antihack.noclip_margin    (0.09)
antihack.noclip_margin_dismount  (0.22)
antihack.noclip_maxsteps  (15)
antihack.noclip_penalty   (0)
antihack.noclip_protection  (3)
antihack.noclip_reject    (True)
antihack.noclip_stepsize  (0.1)
antihack.objectplacement  (True)
antihack.projectile_anglechange  (60)
antihack.projectile_backtracking  (0.01)
antihack.projectile_clientframes  (2)
antihack.projectile_damagedepth  (2)
antihack.projectile_desync  (1)
antihack.projectile_forgiveness  (0.5)
antihack.projectile_impactspawndepth  (1)
antihack.projectile_losforgiveness  (0.2)
antihack.projectile_penalty  (0)
antihack.projectile_positionoffset  (True)
antihack.projectile_protection  (6)
antihack.projectile_serverframes  (2)
antihack.projectile_terraincheck  (True)
antihack.projectile_trajectory  (1)
antihack.projectile_vehiclecheck  (True)
antihack.projectile_velocitychange  (1.1)
antihack.relaxationpause  (10)
antihack.relaxationrate   (0.1)
antihack.reporting        (False)
antihack.speedhack_forgiveness  (2)
antihack.speedhack_forgiveness_inertia  (10)
antihack.speedhack_penalty  (0)
antihack.speedhack_protection  (2)
antihack.speedhack_reject  (True)
antihack.speedhack_slopespeed  (10)
antihack.terrain_check_geometry  (False)
antihack.terrain_kill     (True)
antihack.terrain_padding  (0.3)
antihack.terrain_penalty  (100)
antihack.terrain_protection  (1)
antihack.terrain_timeslice  (64)
antihack.tickhistoryforgiveness  (0.1)
antihack.tickhistorytime  (0.5)
antihack.userlevel        (2)
app.alarmcooldown        Cooldown time before alarms can send another notification (in seconds) (30)
app.listenip              (
app.maxconnections        (500)
app.maxconnectionsperip   (5)
app.maxmessagesize        (1048576)
app.notifications        Enables sending push notifications (True)
app.port                  (28082)
app.publicip              ()
app.queuelimit           Max number of queued messages - set to 0 to disable message processing (100)
app.serverid              (9e6eb549-17a8-429c-9df3-aa8503591776)
app.update               Disables updating entirely - emergency use only (True)
batching.verbose          (0)
bradley.enabled           (True)
bradley.respawndelayminutes  (60)
bradley.respawndelayvariance  (1)
chat.enabled              (True)
chat.globalchat           (True)
chat.historysize         Number of messages to keep in memory for chat history (1000)
chat.localchat            (False)
chat.localchatrange       (100)
chat.serverlog            (True)
clan.enabled             Enables the clan system if set to true (must be set at boot, requires restart) (False)
clan.maxmembercount      Maximum number of members each clan can have (local backend only!) (100)
construct.frameminutes    (30)
craft.instant             (False)
debug.callbacks           (False)
debug.checkparentingtriggers  (True)
debug.checktriggers       (False)
debug.debugdismounts      (False)
debug.disablecondition   Do not damage any items (False)
debug.log                 (True)
decay.bracket_0_blockcount Between 0 and this value are considered bracket 0 and will cost bracket_0_costfraction per upkeep period to maintain (15)
decay.bracket_0_costfraction blocks within bracket 0 will cost this fraction per upkeep period to maintain (0.1)
decay.bracket_1_blockcount Between bracket_0_blockcount and this value are considered bracket 1 and will cost bracket_1_costfraction per upkeep period to maintain (50)
decay.bracket_1_costfraction blocks within bracket 1 will cost this fraction per upkeep period to maintain (0.15)
decay.bracket_2_blockcount Between bracket_1_blockcount and this value are considered bracket 2 and will cost bracket_2_costfraction per upkeep period to maintain (125)
decay.bracket_2_costfraction blocks within bracket 2 will cost this fraction per upkeep period to maintain (0.2)
decay.bracket_3_blockcount Between bracket_2_blockcount and this value (and beyond) are considered bracket 3 and will cost bracket_3_costfraction per upkeep period to maintain (200)
decay.bracket_3_costfraction blocks within bracket 3 will cost this fraction per upkeep period to maintain (0.333)
decay.debug               (False)
decay.delay_metal        How long should this building grade decay be delayed when not protected by upkeep, in hours (0)
decay.delay_override     When set to a value above 0 everything will decay with this delay (0)
decay.delay_stone        How long should this building grade decay be delayed when not protected by upkeep, in hours (0)
decay.delay_toptier      How long should this building grade decay be delayed when not protected by upkeep, in hours (0)
decay.delay_twig         How long should this building grade decay be delayed when not protected by upkeep, in hours (0)
decay.delay_wood         How long should this building grade decay be delayed when not protected by upkeep, in hours (0)
decay.duration_metal     How long should this building grade take to decay when not protected by upkeep, in hours (8)
decay.duration_override  When set to a value above 0 everything will decay with this duration (0)
decay.duration_stone     How long should this building grade take to decay when not protected by upkeep, in hours (5)
decay.duration_toptier   How long should this building grade take to decay when not protected by upkeep, in hours (12)
decay.duration_twig      How long should this building grade take to decay when not protected by upkeep, in hours (1)
decay.duration_wood      How long should this building grade take to decay when not protected by upkeep, in hours (3)
decay.outside_test_range Maximum distance to test to see if a structure is outside, higher values are slower but accurate for huge buildings (50)
decay.scale               (1)
decay.tick                (600)
decay.upkeep             Is upkeep enabled (True)
decay.upkeep_grief_protection How many minutes can the upkeep cost last after the cupboard was destroyed? default : 1440 (24 hours) (1440)
decay.upkeep_heal_scale  Scale at which objects heal when upkeep conditions are met, default of 1 is same rate at which they decay (1)
decay.upkeep_inside_decay_scale Scale at which objects decay when they are inside, default of 0.1 (0.1)
decay.upkeep_period_minutes How many minutes does the upkeep cost last? default : 1440 (24 hours) (1440)
demo.recordlist           ()
demo.recordlistmode      Controls the behavior of recordlist, 0=whitelist, 1=blacklist (0)
demo.splitmegabytes       (200)
demo.splitseconds         (3600)                   (13)
env.month                 (5)
env.oceanlevel            (0)
env.progresstime          (True)
env.time                  (17.29095)
env.year                  (2025)
fps.limit                 (240)
gc.enabled                (True)
gc.incremental_enabled    (True)
gc.incremental_milliseconds  (3)
global.asyncwarmup        (False)
global.cinematicgingerbreadcorpses When enabled a player wearing a gingerbread suit will gib like the gingerbread NPC's (False)
global.developer          (0)
global.disablebagdropping Disables the backpacks that appear after a corpse times out (False)
global.forceunloadbundles  (True)
global.maxspraysperplayer If a player sprays more than this, the oldest spray will be destroyed. 0 will disable (40)
global.maxthreads         (8)
global.perf               (0)
global.preloadconcurrency  (1)
global.skipassetwarmup_crashes  (False)
global.sprayduration     Base time (in seconds) that sprays last (10800)
global.sprayoutofauthmultiplier Multiplier applied to SprayDuration if a spray isn't in the sprayers auth (cannot go above 1f) (0.5)
global.warmupconcurrency  (1)
halloween.enabled         (False)
halloween.murdererpopulation Population active on the server, per square km (0)
halloween.scarecrow_beancan_vs_player_dmg_modifier Modified damage from beancan explosion vs players (Default: 0.1). (0.1)
halloween.scarecrow_body_dmg_modifier Modifier to how much damage scarecrows take to the body. (Default: 0.25) (0.25)
halloween.scarecrow_chase_stopping_distance Stopping distance for destinations set while chasing a target (Default: 0.5) (0.5)
halloween.scarecrow_throw_beancan_global_delay The delay globally on a server between each time a scarecrow throws a beancan (Default: 8 seconds). (8)
halloween.scarecrowpopulation Population active on the server, per square km (0)
halloween.scarecrows_throw_beancans Scarecrows can throw beancans (Default: true). (True)
inventory.disableattirelimitations Disables all attire limitations, so NPC clothing and invalid overlaps can be equipped (False)
net.global_network_debug Toggle printing time taken to send all trees & all global entities to client when they connect (False)
net.global_networked_bases  (True)
net.limit_global_update_broadcast (default) true = only broadcast to clients with global networking enabled, false = broadcast to every client regardless (True)
net.visdebug              (False)
net.visibilityradiusfaroverride  (-1)
net.visibilityradiusnearoverride  (-1)
nexus.clanclatbatchduration Maximum duration in seconds to batch clan chat messages to send to other servers on the nexus (1)
nexus.defaultzonecontactradius Default distance between zones to allow boat travel, if map.contactRadius isn't set in the nexus (uses normalized coordinates) (0.33)
nexus.endpoint           URL endpoint to use for the Nexus API (
nexus.islandspawndistance How far away islands should be spawned, as a factor of the map size (1.5)
nexus.loadingtimeout     Time in seconds to keep players in the loading state before going to sleep (900)
nexus.logging             (True)
nexus.mapimagescale      Scale of the map to render and upload to the nexus (0.5)
nexus.messagelockduration Time in seconds to allow the server to process nexus messages before re-sending (requires restart) (5)
nexus.pinginterval       Time in seconds to wait between server status pings (30)
nexus.playermanifestinterval Interval in seconds to broadcast the player manifest to other servers on the nexus (30)
nexus.protectionduration Maximum time in seconds to keep transfer protection enabled on entities (300)
nexus.rpctimeoutmultiplier Multiplier for nexus RPC timeout durations in case we expect different latencies (1)
nexus.secretkey           ()
nexus.timeoffset         Time offset in hours from the nexus clock (0)
nexus.transferflushtime  Maximum amount of time in seconds that transfers should be cached before auto-saving (60)
nexus.zonecontroller      (basic)
heli.bulletaccuracy       (2)
heli.bulletdamagescale    (1)
heli.guns                 (1)
heli.lifetimeminutes      (15)
physics.autosynctransforms  (True)
physics.batchsynctransforms  (True)
physics.bouncethreshold   (2)
physics.gravity          Gravity multiplier (1)
physics.groundwatchdebug  (False)
physics.groundwatchdelay  (0.1)
physics.groundwatchfails  (1)
physics.minsteps         The slowest physics steps will operate (8)
physics.sendeffects      Send effects to clients when physics objects collide (True)
physics.sleepthreshold    (0.02)
physics.solveriterationcount The default solver iteration count permitted for any rigid bodies (default 7). Must be positive (3)
physics.steps            The amount of physics steps per second (16)
player.tickrate_cl        (20)
player.tickrate_sv        (16)
player.woundforever      Whether the crawling state expires (False)
pool.debug                (False)
pool.enabled              (True)
pool.mode                 (2)
pool.prewarm              (True)
sentry.hostileduration   how long until something is considered hostile after it attacked (120)
sentry.interferenceradius radius to check for other turrets (40)
sentry.maxinterference   max interference from other turrets (12)
sentry.targetall         target everyone regardless of authorization (False)
server.anticheatid        (xyza7891h6UjNfd0eb2HQGtaul0WhfvS)
server.anticheatkey       (OWUDFZmi9VNL/7VhGVSSmCWALKTltKw8ISepa0VXs60)
server.anticheatlog       (300)
server.anticheattoken     (True)
server.arrowarmor         (1)
server.arrowdamage        (1)
server.artificialtemperaturegrowablerange  (4)
server.authtimeout        (60)
server.bag_quota_item_amount  (True)
server.bansserverendpoint HTTP API endpoint for centralized banning (see wiki) ()
server.bansserverfailuremode Failure mode for centralized banning, set to 1 to reject players from joining if it's down (see wiki) (0)
server.bansservertimeout Timeout (in seconds) for centralized banning web server requests (5)
server.bleedingarmor      (1)
server.bleedingdamage     (1)
server.branch             ()
server.bulletarmor        (1)
server.bulletdamage       (1)
server.canequipbackpacksinair Allows backpack equipping while not grounded (False)
server.ceilinglightgrowablerange  (3)
server.ceilinglightheightoffset  (3)
server.censorplayerlist  Censors the Steam player list to make player tracking more difficult (True)
server.cinematic          (False)
server.combatlogdelay     (10)
server.combatlogsize      (30)
server.composterupdateinterval  (300)
server.compression        (False)
server.conveyormovefrequency How often industrial conveyors attempt to move items (value is an interval measured in seconds). Setting to 0 will disable all movement (5)
server.corpsedespawn      (300)
server.corpses            (True)
server.crawlingenabled   Do players go into the crawling wounded state (True)
server.crawlingmaximumhealth Maximum initial health given when a player dies and moves to crawling wounded state (12)
server.crawlingminimumhealth Minimum initial health given when a player dies and moves to crawling wounded state (7)
server.cycletime          (500)
server.debrisdespawn      (30)
server.defaultblueprintresearchcost How much scrap is required to research default blueprints (10)
server.description        (The command-line tool for quick, simple deployment and management of Linux dedicated game servers.)
server.dropitems          (True)
server.encryption         (2)
server.enforcepipechecksonbuildingblockchanges Whether to check for illegal industrial pipes when changing building block states (roof bunkers) (True)
server.entitybatchsize    (100)
server.entitybatchtime    (1)
server.entityrate         (16)             (True)
server.funwaterdamagethreshold  (0.8)
server.funwaterwetnessgain  (0.05)
server.gamemode           (vanilla)
server.headerimage        (
server.hostname           (LinuxGSM)
server.identity           (rustserver)
server.idlekick           (30)
server.idlekickadmins     (0)
server.idlekickmode       (1)
server.incapacitatedrecoverchance Base chance of recovery after incapacitated wounded state (0.1)
server.industrialcrafterfrequency How often industrial crafters attempt to craft items (value is an interval measured in seconds). Setting to 0 will disable all crafting (5)
server.industrialframebudgetms How long per frame to spend on industrial jobs (0.5)
server.ip                 (
server.ipqueriespermin    (30)
server.itemdespawn        (300)
server.itemdespawn_container_scale  (2)
server.itemdespawn_quick  (30)
server.level              (Procedural Map)
server.leveltransfer      (True)
server.levelurl           ()
server.logoimage          ()
server.max_sleeping_bags  (-1)
server.maxclientinfosize  (1048576)
server.maxconnectionsperip  (5)
server.maxdecryptqueuebytes  (524288000)
server.maxdecryptqueuelength  (5000)
server.maxdecryptthreadwait  (100)
server.maximummapmarkers How many markers each player can place (5)
server.maximumpings      How many pings can be placed by each player (5)
server.maxitemstacksmovedpertickindustrial How many stacks a single conveyor can move in a single tick (12)
server.maxmainthreadwait  (100)
server.maxpacketsize_command  (100000)
server.maxpacketsize_globalentities  (1000)
server.maxpacketsize_globaltrees  (100)
server.maxpacketspersecond  (1500)
server.maxpacketspersecond_command  (100)
server.maxpacketspersecond_rpc  (200)
server.maxpacketspersecond_rpc_signal  (50)
server.maxpacketspersecond_tick  (300)
server.maxpacketspersecond_voice  (100)
server.maxpacketspersecond_world  (1)
server.maxplayers         (50)
server.maxreadqueuebytes  (524288000)
server.maxreadqueuelength  (5000)
server.maxreadthreadwait  (100)
server.maxreceivetime     (20)
server.maxunack           (4)
server.maxwritequeuebytes  (524288000)
server.maxwritequeuelength  (5000)
server.maxwritethreadwait  (100)
server.meleearmor         (1)
server.meleedamage        (1)
server.metabolismtick     (1)
server.modifiertickrate   (1)
server.motd               ()
server.netcache           (True)
server.netcachesize       (0)
server.netlog             (False)
server.nonplanterdeathchancepertick  (0.005)
server.official           (False)
server.optimalplanterqualitysaturation  (0.6)
server.packetlog_enabled  (False)
server.parachuterepacktime How long it takes to pick up a used parachute in seconds (8)
server.pingduration      How long a ping should last (10)
server.plantlightdetection  (True)
server.planttick          (60)
server.planttickscale     (1)
server.playerserverfall   (True)
server.playertimeout      (60)
server.port               (28015)
server.printreportstoconsole Should F7 reports from players be printed to console (False)
server.pve                (False)
server.queriespersecond   (2000)
server.queryport          (28017)
server.radiation          (True)
server.reportsserverendpoint HTTP API endpoint for receiving F7 reports ()
server.reportsserverendpointkey If set, this key will be included with any reports sent via reportsServerEndpoint (for validation) ()
server.respawnatdeathposition If a player presses the respawn button, respawn at their death location (for trailer filming) (False)
server.respawnresetrange  (50)
server.respawnwithloadout When a player respawns give them the loadout assigned to client.RespawnLoadout (created with inventory.saveloadout) (False)
server.rewounddelay       (60)
server.rpclog_enabled     (False)
server.salt               (1113233618)
server.savebackupcount    (2)
server.savecachesize      (3825343)
server.saveinterval       (300)
server.schematime         (1800)             (True)
server.seed               (1665026410)
server.showholstereditems  (True)
server.sprinklereyeheightoffset  (3)
server.sprinklerradius    (3)
server.stability          (True)
server.statbackup         (False)
server.stats              (False)
server.tags              Comma-separated server browser tag values (see wiki) ()
server.tickrate           (30)
server.updatebatch        (512)
server.updatebatchspawn   (1024)
server.url                (
server.useminimumplantcondition  (True)
server.watercontainersleavewaterbehind When transferring water, should containers keep 1 water behind. Enabling this should help performance if water IO is causing performance loss (False)
server.worldsize          (3000)
server.woundedmaxfoodandwaterbonus Maximum percent chance added to base wounded/incapacitated recovery chance, based on the player's food and water level (0.25)
server.woundedrecoverchance Base chance of recovery after crawling wounded state (0.2)
server.woundingenabled   Can players be wounded after recieving fatal damage (True)
spawn.max_density         (1)
spawn.max_rate            (1)
spawn.min_density         (0.5)
spawn.min_rate            (0.5)
spawn.player_base         (100)
spawn.player_scale        (2)
spawn.respawn_groups      (True)
spawn.respawn_individuals  (True)
spawn.respawn_populations  (True)
spawn.tick_individuals    (300)
spawn.tick_populations    (60)
stability.accuracy        (0.001)
stability.collapse        (0.05)
stability.stabilityqueue  (9)
stability.strikes         (10)
stability.surroundingsqueue  (3)
stability.verbose         (0)
steam.server_allow_steam_nicknames  (True)
time.fixeddelta           (0.0625)
time.maxdelta             (0.125)
time.pausewhileloading    (True)
time.timescale            (1)
tree.global_broadcast     (False)
vehicle.boat_corpse_seconds  (300)
vehicle.carwrecks        Determines whether modular cars turn into wrecks when destroyed, or just immediately gib. Default: true (True)
vehicle.cinematictrains  If true, trains always explode when destroyed, and hitting a barrier always destroys the train immediately. Default: false (False)
vehicle.trainskeeprunning Determines whether trains stop automatically when there's no-one on them. Default: false (False)
vehicle.vehiclesdroploot Determines whether vehicles drop storage items when destroyed. Default: true (True)
vis.attack                (False)
vis.damage                (False)
vis.hitboxes              (False)
vis.lineofsight           (False)            (False)
vis.sense                 (False)
vis.triggers              (False)
vis.weakspots             (False)
voice.voicerangeboostamount  (50)
weather.atmosphere_brightness  (-1)
weather.atmosphere_contrast  (-1)
weather.atmosphere_directionality  (-1)
weather.atmosphere_mie    (-1)
weather.atmosphere_rayleigh  (-1)
weather.clear_chance      (0.9)
weather.cloud_attenuation  (-1)
weather.cloud_brightness  (-1)
weather.cloud_coloring    (-1)
weather.cloud_coverage    (-1)
weather.cloud_opacity     (-1)
weather.cloud_saturation  (-1)
weather.cloud_scattering  (-1)
weather.cloud_sharpness   (-1)
weather.cloud_size        (-1)
weather.dust_chance       (0.03)
weather.fog               (-1)
weather.fog_chance        (0.03)
weather.ocean_scale       (-1)
weather.ocean_time        (-1)
weather.overcast_chance   (0)
weather.rain              (-1)
weather.rain_chance       (0.08)
weather.rainbow           (-1)
weather.storm_chance      (0.02)
weather.thunder           (-1)
weather.wetness_rain      (0.4)
weather.wetness_snow      (0.2)
weather.wind              (-1)
world.cache               (True)
world.configfile          ()
world.configstring        ()
xmas.enabled              (False)
xmas.giftsperplayer       (2)
xmas.spawnattempts        (5)
xmas.spawnrange           (40)
drone.altitudespeedoverride If greater than zero, overrides the drone's vertical movement speed (0)
drone.maxcontrolrange    How far drones can be flown away from the controlling computer station (500)
drone.movementspeedoverride If greater than zero, overrides the drone's planar movement speed (0)
dungeonnavmesh.use_baked_terrain_mesh  (True)
dynamicnavmesh.use_baked_terrain_mesh  (False)
eventschedulewipeoffset.event_hours_before_wipe  (24)
excavatorsignalcomputer.chargeneededforsupplies  (600)
global.steamconnectiontimeout  (10000)
global.steamnagleflush    (False)
global.steamnagletime    Nagle time, in microseconds (5000)
global.steamnetdebug     Turns on varying levels of debug output for the Steam Networking. This will affect performance. (0 = off, 1 = bug, 2 = error, 3 = important, 4 = warning, 5 = message, 6 = verbose, 7 = debug, 8 = everything) (0)
global.steamnetdebug_ackrtt  (4)
global.steamnetdebug_message  (4)
global.steamnetdebug_p2prendezvous  (4)
global.steamnetdebug_packetdecode  (4)
global.steamnetdebug_packetgaps  (4)
global.steamnetdebug_sdrrelaypings  (4)
global.steamsendbuffer   Upper limit of buffered pending bytes to be sent (524288)
global.steamsendratemax  Maxminum send rate clamp, 0 is no limit (1048576)
global.steamsendratemin  Minimum send rate clamp, 0 is no limit (131072)
rcon.ip                   (
rcon.port                 (28016)
rcon.print               If true, rcon commands etc will be printed in the console (False)
rcon.web                 If set to true, use websocket rcon. If set to false use legacy, source engine rcon. (True)
analytics.analytics_header  (X-API-KEY)
analytics.analytics_secret  ()
analytics.high_freq_stats  (True)
analytics.server_analytics_url  (
analytics.stats_blacklist  ()
analytics.analytics_enabled  (True)
frankensteinbrain.movetowardsrate  (1)
frankensteinpet.decayminutes How long before a Frankenstein Pet dies un controlled and not asleep on table (180)
gamemodesoftcore.reclaim_fraction_belt  (0.5)
gamemodesoftcore.reclaim_fraction_main  (0.5)
gamemodesoftcore.reclaim_fraction_wear  (0)
growableentity.framebudgetms  (0.25)
guntrap.gun_trap_budget_ms How many milliseconds to spend on target scanning per frame (0.5)
hackablelockedcrate.decayseconds How many seconds until the crate is destroyed without any hack attempts (7200)
hackablelockedcrate.requiredhackseconds How many seconds for the crate to unlock (900)
halloweendungeon.lifetime How long each active dungeon should last before dying (600)
halloweendungeon.population Population active on the server (0)
horse.population         Population active on the server, per square km (0)
hotairballoon.outsidedecayminutes How long before a HAB loses all its health while outside (180)
hotairballoon.population Population active on the server (1)
hotairballoon.serviceceiling  (200)
ioentity.backtracking     (8)
ioentity.debugbudget     Print out what is taking so long in the IO frame budget (False)
ioentity.debugbudgetthreshold Ignore frames with a lower ms than this while debugBudget is active (2)
ioentity.framebudgetms    (1)
ioentity.responsetime     (0.1)
junkpilewater.framebudgetms  (0.25)
megaphone.megaphonevoicerange  (100)
minicopter.population    Population active on the server (0)
mlrs.brokendownminutes   How many minutes before the MLRS recovers from use and can be used again (10)
modularcar.outsidedecayminutes How many minutes before a ModularCar loses all its health while outside (864)
modularcar.population    Population active on the server (3)
monumentnavmesh.use_baked_terrain_mesh  (True)
motorrowboat.decaystartdelayminutes How long until decay begins after the boat was last used (45)
motorrowboat.deepwaterdecayminutes How long before a boat loses all its health while in deep water (120)
motorrowboat.outsidedecayminutes How long before a boat loses all its health while outside. If it's in deep water, deepwaterdecayminutes is used (180)
motorrowboat.population  Population active on the server (1)
npcautoturret.sleeperhostiledelay How many seconds until a sleeping player is considered hostile (1200)
parachute.bypassrepack    (False)
parachute.landinganimations  (False)
petbrain.controldistance  (100)
petbrain.drownindeepwater  (True)
petbrain.drowntimer       (15)
petbrain.idlewhenownermounted  (True)
petbrain.idlewhenownerofflineordead  (True)
playerhelicopter.insidedecayminutes How long before a player helicopter loses all its health while indoors (2880)
playerhelicopter.outsidedecayminutes How long before a player helicopter loses all its health while outside (480)
playerinventory.forcebirthday  (False)
polarbear.population     Population active on the server, per square km (1)
reclaimmanager.reclaim_expire_minutes  (120)
relationshipmanager.contacts  (True)
relationshipmanager.forgetafterminutes  (960)
relationshipmanager.maxplayerrelationships  (128)
relationshipmanager.maxteamsize  (8)
relationshipmanager.mugshotupdateinterval  (300)
relationshipmanager.seendistance  (10)
rhib.rhibpopulation      Population active on the server (0)
ridablehorse.population  Population active on the server, per square km (2)
aimanager.ai_dormant     If ai_dormant is true, any npc outside the range of players will render itself dormant and take up less resources, but wildlife won't simulate as well. (True)
aimanager.ai_dormant_max_wakeup_per_tick ai_dormant_max_wakeup_per_tick defines the maximum number of dormant agents we will wake up in a single tick. (default: 30) (30)
aimanager.ai_htn_animal_tick_budget ai_htn_animal_tick_budget defines the maximum amount of milliseconds ticking htn animal agents are allowed to consume. (default: 4 ms) (4)
aimanager.ai_htn_player_junkpile_tick_budget ai_htn_player_junkpile_tick_budget defines the maximum amount of milliseconds ticking htn player junkpile agents are allowed to consume. (default: 4 ms) (4)
aimanager.ai_htn_player_tick_budget ai_htn_player_tick_budget defines the maximum amount of milliseconds ticking htn player agents are allowed to consume. (default: 4 ms) (4)
aimanager.ai_htn_use_agency_tick If ai_htn_use_agency_tick is true, the ai manager's agency system will tick htn agents at the ms budgets defined in ai_htn_player_tick_budget and ai_htn_animal_tick_budget. If it's false, each agent registers with the invoke system individually, with no frame-budget restrictions. (default: true) (True)
aimanager.ai_to_player_distance_wakeup_range If an agent is beyond this distance to a player, it's flagged for becoming dormant. (160)
aimanager.nav_disable    If set to true the navmesh won't generate.. which means Ai that uses the navmesh won't be able to move (False)
aimanager.nav_obstacles_carve_state nav_obstacles_carve_state defines which obstacles can carve the terrain. 0 - No carving, 1 - Only player construction carves, 2 - All obstacles carve. (2)
aimanager.nav_wait       If true we'll wait for the navmesh to generate before completely starting the server. This might cause your server to hitch and lag as it generates in the background. (True)
aimanager.pathfindingiterationsperframe The maximum amount of nodes processed each frame in the asynchronous pathfinding process. Increasing this value will cause the paths to be processed faster, but can cause some hiccups in frame rate. Default value is 100, a good range for tuning is between 50 and 500. (100)
aimanager.setdestination_navmesh_failsafe If set to true, npcs will attempt to place themselves on the navmesh if not on a navmesh when set destination is called. (False)
coverpointvolume.cover_point_sample_step_height cover_point_sample_step_height defines the height of the steps we do vertically for the cover point volume's cover point generation (smaller steps gives more accurate cover points, but at a higher processing cost). (default: 2.0) (2)
coverpointvolume.cover_point_sample_step_size cover_point_sample_step_size defines the size of the steps we do horizontally for the cover point volume's cover point generation (smaller steps gives more accurate cover points, but at a higher processing cost). (default: 6.0) (6)
samsite.staticrepairseconds how long until static sam sites auto repair (1200)
santasleigh.altitudeaboveterrain  (50)
santasleigh.desiredaltitude  (60)
scraptransporthelicopter.population Population active on the server (0)
simpleshark.disable       (False)
simpleshark.forcesurfaceamount  (0)
slotmachine.forcepayoutindex  (-1)
snowmobile.allowpassengeronly Allow mounting as a passenger when there's no driver (False)
snowmobile.allterrain    If true, snowmobile goes fast on all terrain types (False)
snowmobile.outsidedecayminutes How long before a snowmobile loses all its health while outside (1440)
stag.population          Population active on the server, per square km (3)
telephonemanager.maxcalllength  (120)
telephonemanager.maxconcurrentcalls  (10)
traincar.decayminutes    How long before a train car despawns (30)
traincar.population      Population active on the server (2.3)
traincar.wagons_per_engine Ratio of wagons to train engines that spawn (2)
traincarunloadable.decayminutesafterunload How long before an unloadable train car despawns afer being unloaded (10)
traincouplingcontroller.max_couple_speed Maximum difference in velocity for train cars to couple (9)
tugboat.tugcorpseseconds  (7200)
tugboat.tugdecayminutes  How long before a tugboat loses all its health while outside (2160)
tugboat.tugdecaystartdelayminutes How long until decay begins after the tugboat was last used (1440)
wipetimer.days_to_add_test  (0)
wipetimer.hours_to_add_test  (0)
wipetimer.wipecronoverride Custom cron expression for the wipe schedule. Overrides all other convars (except wipeUnixTimestampOverride) if set. Uses Cronos as a parser: ()
wipetimer.wipedayofweek  0=sun,1=mon,2=tues,3=wed,4=thur,5=fri,6=sat (4)
wipetimer.wipehourofday  Which hour to wipe? 14.5 = 2:30pm (19)
wipetimer.wipetimezone   The timezone to use for wipes. Defaults to the server's time zone if not set or invalid. Value should be a TZ identifier as seen here: (Europe/London)
wipetimer.wipeunixtimestampoverride Unix timestamp (seconds) for the upcoming wipe. Overrides all other convars if set to a time in the future. (0)
wolf.population          Population active on the server, per square km (2)
xmasdungeon.playerdetectrange How far we detect players from our inside/outside (30)
xmasdungeon.xmaslifetime How long each active dungeon should last before dying (1200)
xmasdungeon.xmaspopulation Population active on the server (0)
zombie.population        Population active on the server, per square km (0)


baseboat.seconds_between_shore_drift(  ) 
baseboat.seconds_until_shore_drift(  ) 
boombox.clearradiobyuser(  ) 
bradleyapc.spawnroadbradley(  ) 
cassette.clearcassettes(  ) 
cassette.clearcassettesbyuser(  ) 
commands.echo(  ) 
commands.find(  ) 
camerarenderermanager.pool_stats(  ) 
global.adminui_deleteugccontent(  ) 
global.adminui_fullrefresh(  ) 
global.adminui_requestfireworkpattern(  ) 
global.adminui_requestplayerlist(  ) 
global.adminui_requestserverconvars(  ) 
global.adminui_requestserverinfo(  ) 
global.adminui_requestugccontent(  ) 
global.adminui_requestugclist(  ) 
global.authcount(  ) Returns all entities that the provided player is authed to (TC's, locks, etc), supports --json
global.authradius(  ) 
global.ban(  ) ban <player> <reason> [optional duration]
global.banid(  ) banid <steamid> <username> <reason> [optional duration]
global.banlist(  ) List of banned users (sourceds compat)
global.banlistex(  ) List of banned users - shows reasons and usernames
global.bans(  ) List of banned users
global.buildinfo(  ) Get information about this build
global.carstats(  ) Get information about all the cars in the world
global.clearugcentitiesinrange(  ) 
global.clearugcentity(  ) 
global.clientperf(  ) 
global.clientperf_frametime(  ) 
global.deauthradius(  ) 
global.entcount(  ) Returns all entities that the provided player has placed, supports --json
global.entid(  ) 
global.getugcinfo(  ) 
global.injureplayer(  ) 
global.kick(  ) 
global.kickall(  ) 
global.killplayer(  ) 
global.listid(  ) List of banned users, by ID (sourceds compat)
global.moderatorid(  ) 
global.mute(  ) 
global.mutelist(  ) Print a list of currently muted players
global.ownerid(  ) 
global.playerlist(  ) Get a list of players
global.players(  ) Print out currently connected clients etc
global.recoverplayer(  ) 
global.removemoderator(  ) 
global.removeowner(  ) 
global.removeskipqueue(  ) Removes skip queue permission from a SteamID
global.say(  ) Sends a message in chat
global.serverinfo(  ) Get a list of information about the server
global.skin_radius(  ) skin_radius 'skin' 'radius'
global.skipqueue(  ) 
global.skipqueueid(  ) Adds skip queue permissions to a SteamID
global.sleepingusers(  ) Show user info for players on server.
global.sleepingusersinrange(  ) Show user info for sleeping players on server in range of the player.
global.stats(  ) Print out stats of currently connected clients
global.status(  ) Print out currently connected clients
global.teaminfo(  ) 
global.unban(  ) 
global.unmute(  ) 
global.upgrade_radius(  ) upgrade_radius 'grade' 'radius'
global.users(  ) Show user info for players on server.
global.usersinrange(  ) Show user info for players on server in range of the player.
global.usersinrangeofplayer(  ) Show user info for players on server in range of the supplied player (eg. Jim 50)
ai.addignoreplayer(  ) Add a player (or command user if no player is specified) to the AIs ignore list.
ai.brainstats(  ) 
ai.clearignoredplayers(  ) Remove all players from the AIs ignore list.
ai.killanimals(  ) 
ai.killscientists(  ) 
ai.printignoredplayers(  ) Print a lost of all the players in the AI ignore list.
ai.removeignoreplayer(  ) Remove a player (or command user if no player is specified) from the AIs ignore list.
ai.selectnpclookatserver(  ) 
ai.sleepwakestats(  ) 
ai.wakesleepingai(  ) 
app.appban(  ) 
app.appunban(  ) 
app.connections(  )  ) 
app.pair(  ) 
app.regeneratetoken(  ) 
app.resetlimiter(  ) 
app.retry_initialize(  ) Retry initializing the Rust+ companion server if it previously failed
bradley.quickrespawn(  ) 
chat.cardgamesay(  ) 
chat.clansay(  ) 
chat.localsay(  ) 
chat.say(  )  ) 
chat.tail(  ) 
chat.teamsay(  )  ) Prints info about a clan given its ID  ) 
console.tail(  ) 
craft.add(  ) 
craft.cancel(  ) 
craft.canceltask(  ) 
craft.fasttracktask(  ) 
data.export(  ) 
debug.bench_io(  ) Spawn lots of IO entities to lag the server
debug.breakheld(  ) Break the current held object
debug.breakitem(  ) Break all the items in your inventory whose name match the passed string
debug.deleteentitiesbyshortname(  ) 
debug.drink(  )  ) 
debug.enable_player_movement(  ) 
debug.flushgroup(  ) Takes you in and out of your current network group, causing you to delete and then download all entities in your PVS again
debug.heal(  ) 
debug.hurt(  ) 
debug.puzzlereset(  ) reset all puzzles
debug.refillvitals(  ) 
debug.renderinfo(  ) 
debug.repair_inventory(  ) Repair all items in inventory
debug.resetsleepingbagtimers(  ) 
debug.setdamage(  ) 
debug.setfood(  ) 
debug.sethealth(  ) 
debug.setradiation(  ) 
debug.setwater(  ) 
debug.spawnparachutetester(  ) 
debug.stall(  ) 
demo.record(  ) 
demo.stop(  ) 
entity.debug_toggle(  ) 
entity.deleteby(  ) Destroy all entities created by provided users (separate users by space)
entity.deletebytextblock(  ) Destroy all entities created by users in the provided text block (can use with copied results from ent auth)
entity.find_entity(  ) 
entity.find_group(  ) 
entity.find_id(  ) 
entity.find_parent(  ) 
entity.find_radius(  ) 
entity.find_self(  ) 
entity.find_status(  ) 
entity.nudge(  ) 
entity.spawnlootfrom(  ) 
entity.spawn(  ) 
entity.spawngrid(  ) 
entity.spawnitem(  ) 
env.addtime(  ) 
gamemode.set(  ) 
gamemode.setteam(  ) 
gc.alloc(  ) 
gc.collect(  ) 
gc.unload(  ) 
global.breakclothing(  ) 
global.breakitem(  ) 
global.clearallsprays(  ) 
global.clearallspraysbyplayer(  ) 
global.cleardroppeditems(  ) 
global.clearspraysatpositioninradius(  ) 
global.clearspraysinradius(  ) 
global.colliders(  ) 
global.error(  )  ) 
global.injure(  ) 
global.kill(  ) 
global.objects(  ) 
global.queue(  ) 
global.quit(  ) 
global.recover(  )  ) 
global.respawn(  ) 
global.respawn_sleepingbag(  ) 
global.respawn_sleepingbag_remove(  ) 
global.restart(  ) 
global.setinfo(  ) 
global.sleep(  ) 
global.spectate(  ) 
global.spectateid(  ) 
global.status_sv(  ) 
global.subscriptions(  ) 
global.sysinfo(  ) 
global.sysuid(  ) 
global.teleport(  ) 
global.teleport2autheditem(  ) 
global.teleport2death(  ) 
global.teleport2marker(  ) 
global.teleport2me(  ) 
global.teleport2owneditem(  ) 
global.teleportany(  ) 
global.teleporteveryone2me(  ) 
global.teleportlos(  ) 
global.teleportpos(  ) 
global.textures(  ) 
global.version(  ) 
harmony.load(  ) 
harmony.unload(  )  ) 
hierarchy.del(  )  ) 
inventory.clearinventory(  ) Clears the inventory of a target player. eg. inventory.clearInventory jim
inventory.copyto(  ) Copies the players inventory to the player in front of them
inventory.defs(  ) 
inventory.deployloadout(  ) Deploys the given loadout to a target player. eg. inventory.deployLoadout testloadout jim
inventory.deployloadoutinrange(  ) Deploys a loadout to players in a radius eg. inventory.deployLoadoutInRange testloadout 30
inventory.endloot(  ) 
inventory.equipslot(  ) 
inventory.equipslottarget(  ) 
inventory.give(  ) 
inventory.giveall(  ) 
inventory.givearm(  ) 
inventory.givebp(  ) 
inventory.giveid(  ) 
inventory.giveto(  ) 
inventory.lighttoggle(  ) 
inventory.listloadouts(  ) Prints all saved inventory loadouts
inventory.reloaddefs(  ) 
inventory.resetbp(  ) 
inventory.saveloadout(  ) Saves the current equipped loadout of the calling player. eg. inventory.saveLoadout loaduoutname
inventory.unlockall(  ) 
manifest.printmanifest(  ) 
manifest.printmanifestraw(  ) 
memsnap.full(  ) 
memsnap.managed(  ) 
memsnap.native(  ) 
nexus.broadcast_ping(  )  ) 
nexus.playeronline(  ) 
nexus.refreshislands(  ) 
nexus.transfer(  ) 
nexus.uploadmap(  ) Reupload the map image to the nexus. Normally happens automatically at server boot. WARNING: This will lag the server!  ) 
heli.calltome(  ) 
heli.drop(  ) 
heli.strafe(  ) 
heli.testpuzzle(  ) 
player.abandonmission(  ) 
player.cinematic_gesture(  ) 
player.cinematic_play(  ) 
player.cinematic_stop(  ) 
player.copyrotation(  ) 
player.createskull(  ) 
player.createtrophy(  ) 
player.dismount(  ) 
player.fillwater(  ) 
player.gesture_radius(  ) 
player.gotosleep(  ) 
player.markhostile(  ) 
player.mount(  ) 
player.printpresence(  ) 
player.printstats(  ) 
player.reloadweapons(  ) 
player.resetstate(  ) Resets the PlayerState of the given player
player.stopgesture_radius(  ) 
player.swapseat(  ) 
player.wakeup(  ) 
player.wakeupall(  ) 
pool.clear_assets(  ) 
pool.clear_memory(  ) 
pool.clear_prefabs(  ) 
pool.export_prefabs(  ) 
pool.fill_prefabs(  ) 
pool.print_arraypool(  ) 
pool.print_assets(  ) 
pool.print_memory(  ) 
pool.print_prefabs(  ) 
profile.flush_analytics(  ) 
profile.start(  ) 
profile.stop(  ) 
render.print_global_entities(  ) Print off count of global building entities on the server
render.tree_entities(  ) 
server.backup(  ) Backup server folder
server.broadcastplayvideo(  ) 
server.cheatreport(  ) 
server.combatlog(  ) Get the player combat log
server.combatlog_outgoing(  ) Get the player combat log, only showing outgoing damage
server.fps(  ) 
server.listtoolcupboards(  ) Prints all the Tool Cupboards on the server
server.listvendingmachines(  ) Prints all the vending machines on the server
server.netprotocol(  ) 
server.packetlog(  ) 
server.playerlistpos(  ) Prints the position of all players on the server
server.printdecryptqueue(  ) 
server.printeyes(  ) Print the current player eyes.
server.printpos(  ) Print the current player position.
server.printreadqueue(  ) 
server.printrot(  ) Print the current player rotation.
server.printwritequeue(  ) 
server.readcfg(  ) 
server.resetserveremoji(  ) Rescans the serveremoji folder, note that clients will need to reconnect to get the latest emoji
server.rpclog(  )  ) Force save the current game
server.sendnetworkupdate(  ) Send network update for all players
server.setshowholstereditems(  ) Show holstered items on player bodies
server.snapshot(  ) This sends a snapshot of all the entities in the client's pvs. This is mostly redundant, but we request this when the client starts recording a demo.. so they get all the information.
server.start(  ) Starts a server
server.stop(  ) Stops a server
server.writecfg(  ) Writes config files
spawn.cargoshipevent(  ) 
spawn.fill_groups(  ) 
spawn.fill_individuals(  ) 
spawn.fill_populations(  )  ) 
spawn.scalars(  ) 
stability.refresh_stability(  )  ) 
supply.drop(  ) 
system.cpu_affinity(  ) 
system.cpu_priority(  ) 
vehicle.autohover(  ) 
vehicle.boatdriftinfo(  ) Print out boat drift status for all boats
vehicle.fixcars(  ) 
vehicle.killboats(  ) 
vehicle.killcars(  ) 
vehicle.killdrones(  ) 
vehicle.killminis(  ) 
vehicle.killscraphelis(  ) 
vehicle.killtrains(  ) 
vehicle.stop_all_trains(  ) 
vehicle.swapseats(  ) 
voice.togglevoicerangeboost(  ) Enabled/disables voice range boost for a player eg. ToggleVoiceRangeBoost sam 1
weather.load(  )  ) 
weather.reset(  ) 
workshop.print_approved_skins(  ) 
world.monuments(  ) 
world.renderlabs(  ) Renders a PNG of the current map's underwater labs, for a specific floor
world.rendermap(  ) Renders a high resolution PNG of the current map
world.rendertunnels(  ) Renders a PNG of the current map's tunnel network
xmas.refill(  ) 
cui.cui_test(  ) 
cui.cui_test_update(  ) 
cui.endtest(  ) 
global.dump(  ) 
global.steamrelayinit(  ) 
global.steamstatus(  ) 
analytics.pending_analytics(  ) 
growableentity.growall(  ) 
meta.add(  ) add <convar> <amount> - adds amount to convar
note.update(  ) 
relationshipmanager.acceptinvite(  ) 
relationshipmanager.addtoteam(  ) 
relationshipmanager.fakeinvite(  ) 
relationshipmanager.kickmember(  ) 
relationshipmanager.leaveteam(  ) 
relationshipmanager.promote(  ) 
relationshipmanager.rejectinvite(  ) 
relationshipmanager.sendinvite(  ) 
relationshipmanager.sleeptoggle(  ) 
relationshipmanager.trycreateteam(  ) 
relationshipmanager.wipe_all_contacts(  ) 
relationshipmanager.wipecontacts(  ) 
ridablehorse.sethorsebreed(  ) 
santasleigh.drop(  ) 
telephonemanager.printallphones(  ) 
wipetimer.printtimezones(  ) 
wipetimer.printwipe(  )  )

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